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    BasicFree2agents includedvisitors&messagesMobileUse Crisp mobile apps for freeapps1 monthCrisp Basic have a one month history.historyBasic customizationYou have access to a pre-defined subset of colors and basic customizationSelect free planPlan details
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    Unlimited$95/mthUnlimitedAdd as many agents as you need.agentsMagicBrowseSee your users screen with MagicBrowse(Co-Browsing)Zendesk, SMSLink Crisp with Zendesk. Receive SMS in CrispCampaignsSend campaigns (Email, chat) to your user database.AnalyticsAnalytics on your user feedbacks, chats and agents responses time+ allProfeatures14 day trialPlan details

Crisp Enterprise Edition

An enterprise-grade version with End-to-end message encryption, SLA and custom options.

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Reply to customer questions from Crisp apps, or from an integration.

Crisp connects to a growing number of platforms. Reply from your favorite services.

Crisp apps
  • EmailProReceive emails in Crisp and reply to your customers from there.
  • MessengerProIntegrate Crisp to your Messenger page and reply to your Messenger customers from Crisp.
  • SlackProReceive visitor messages in your Slack team. Anyone from your team can reply.
  • ZendeskUnlimitedReceive Crisp messages in your Zendesk. Reply to tickets from Zendesk.
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Usage level
AgentsThese are agents included in your plan. Agents are people from your company that handle the support and answer visitor chat messages.
Conversations per month
Users per month
Crisp chatbox for websites
Desktop and mobile apps
See what visitor types with
MagicTypeWe call MagicType the realtime visitor message preview. You can begin composing an answer even before the visitor sends his message since you see it appear in realtime as visitor types it (the visitor cannot know that you see it)
Notifications (Mobile + Email)Offline? We send you a notification when a visitor leave you a message. You can even reply to emails
Invisible modeIn a meeting? On vacations? Enable the invisible mode and disable it once you are back to work.
Message shortcutsCanned responses. Save frequent answers and reply faster to your users.
Private notesSend private notes to your team, eg. information to other operations in the conversation.
File sharingSend and receive files to your users
Data-retentionYour conversation history
1 month
Search engineSearch in your users and messages
Transcripts to visitors & agentsSend a transcript to your user or receive it for your archives
Additional Features
Team inboxCrisp is a shared inbox. All messages are synchronized across the team.
User DatabaseAccess and manage your user directly from Crisp.
Automated TriggersSend automated messages to your users to increase sales.
Campaigns (Email + Chat)Send campaigns to your user database.
50 recipients
1,000 recipients
200,000 recipients
Realtime visitor map (MagicMap)See where users connect from on a realtime world map. Zoom and see precisely where an user is located.
Social networksSee the social network profiles of your visitors.
See your user’s screen (MagicBrowse)See your visitor screen in realtime and see what is happening (opened tabs, mouse, scroll).
AnalyticsDetailed Analytics from your chats and agents.
Chat ratingsGet ratings from your users once a support chat ends.
Multilingual Livechat & EmailsOur livechat is translated in 50+ locales including RTL locales.
Hide livechat when offlineOffline? Hide the livechat if you need it.
Working hoursSetup working hours per agents to be offline when you do not want to work.
CustomizationCustomize the look and feel of your livechat and emails.
No Crisp LogoOur free livechat comes with a Crisp branding logo.
Granular SettingsControl all Crisp settings.
MessengerReceive messages from Messenger to Crisp. Answer from there.
EmailReceive emails in Crisp. Answer from there.
TelegramReceive messages from Telegram to Crisp. Answer from there.
ZendeskConnect to Zendesk and integrate Crisp to your existing support workflow.
SMSConnect to an SMS phone number with Twilio and reply from Crisp.
SalesforceConnect to Salesforce and integrate Crisp to your existing sales pipeline.
BanningBlock abusive visitors (eg. spammy users).
of abusive visitors
Lock livechat to domain / subdomainSecurity option to prevent other websites from using your livechat code.
Smart filterAutomatically block abusive visitors based on IP and emails.
TLS/SSLThe Crisp network is encrypted using the secure TLS protocol.
End-to-end message encryptionEncrypts your messages. Message are not stored on our servers in plain-text, and are delivered as end-to-end encrypted messages.
High trafficMore resources are allocated for high traffic websites.
Distributed architectureDistributed servers in Europe, Americas, Russia, Middle-East, India, and Asia.
SupportThe support service level you get from our support agents.
Best effort
2 hours

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  • Fair pricing.At Crisp, we believe that customer relationship should be a part of every business. All our plans have been designed to fit most business needs.
  • Cancel anytime.Cancel anytime after you subscribed to a plan. You are only committed to pay the month you subscribed to, no further.
  • Consolidated billing.Crisp bills you once per payment method per month. We do accept most credit cards cards as well as PayPal. All bills are consolidated across websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer discounts if you are taking multiple paid Crisp website (Crisp Pro or Crisp Unlimited) under the same account. We offer 25% on each additional inbox. This means if you have multiple (different teams) you can have separate inboxes for each team under one Crisp account. Go chat with us!

A Crisp website is another name for a "Crisp team", into which you can invite operators to collaborate and answer customer questions. A Crisp website is tied to a specific livechat identifier, which you can install on one or multiple domains (eg: website.com, sub.website.com, etc). It is not tied to a single domain. Plans are billed per-crisp inbox, so you only pay per livechat identifier, not per domain and sub-domains. As an example, you can have one Crisp website (team) and install it on multiple domains (which would constitute as one plan). If you operate multiple businesses and wish to have multiple separate Crisp website then we can keep it all under one plan with a discount for each additional Crisp website. You can contact us and chat with us if you have any question about it.

We offer a 50% discount for nonprofits and students. Chat with us to get your promo code.

Yes, it is possible! You can enable yearly payment mode in your Plans page in the Crisp app, after you subscribed to a plan (click on the Monthly button, which then becomes Yearly once saved).

At Crisp, we believe existing chat platforms are still locked in the past. Why would we bill based on consumption (as all others do), while we are used to unlimited plans everywhere else (mobile carriers, Internet access providers, etc.)? Unlimited is peace of mind at the end of the month; this allows you to allocate more energy to your core business rather than petty subscription policies.

The best is to start using it!

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