Crisp makes things simple for busy businesses.

Crisp takes the suck out of chatting with your website visitors and keeping in touch with them.

  • Unlimited conversationsChat as many users as you need.Learn more
  • Apps for any devicePut Crisp on all your devices.Reply to chats on the go.Learn more
  • Offline email responsesThe chat continues by email if your visitor goes offline.Learn more
  • Plugin customizationNeed a specific feature? We have plugins for that.Learn more

Already use Slack? Reply to customers from there.

If your team already uses Slack, you will love our Slack integration. You can still use Crisp apps at the same time.

See visitor information

When a new conversation is opened, @crispbot notifies you of visitor details.

You can also chat in Crisp apps.

Team members reply there

All team members can reply from Slack.

All messages are still synchronized with Crisp apps, back and forth with Slack.

Reply to customer questions from Crisp apps.

Crisp has beautiful apps for all your devices. Reply to customers from the Web, from your computer or from your mobile.

  • Beautiful apps (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
  • Bring all your team on apps
  • Apps are included in all plans

See what visitors type before they hit send.

MagicType lets you view messages as they are typed.

See what’s in the head of your visitors before they hit send. Write your response message faster and increase your conversion rate.

Visitors are not aware of MagicType, and cannot see what you type in response. Only you can see this.

This is what you see

Operators and visitors get email notifications if they are not on chat.

After a visitor begins a chat with your team, the visitor may leave anytime. If so, we route responses to visitor's email.

  • Start a chat
  • Go offline
  • Messages to email

Schedule per-operator availability hours.

Each operator from your team can configure when they want to receive visitor messages, by days and hours.


Configure your availability schedule


Your chatbox automagically adjusts to your availability

Crisp reveals the identity of your visitors.

Once a visitor sets their email, Crisp reveals the full name, photo, bio and social links of the visitor.

Crisp discovers every tiny detail on each visitor you chat with. From geolocation to device information, to full name and social profiles (LinkedIn and more).

Crisp also discovers the company of the visitor.

Data is discovered on a best-effort basis. We may not be able to discover all information for all users, anytime.

Are my visitors aware of this feature?

Your visitors cannot see that you know so much about them. However, if you add them on Facebook or LinkedIn, they may suspect it. Your choice.

This is what you get

Crisp speaks your language. And many more.

The Crisp chatbox supports a large number of languages. Crisp automagically detects the visitor country and serves up the translated chatbox. Both chatbox and emails are translated.

If Crisp doesn’t yet support a language, we are open to translations from the community - please contact us.

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Japanese
Many more

We save all past chats and make them searchable.

All past chats are kept in history. You can search through them to quickly find information.

That’s convenient if you need to look up your history for a detail to reply to customer - at that very moment.

Chats can be removed anytime with a simple mouse swipe - if you don’t want something to be kept.

I am concerned about data security.

The security of your data (account, messages, emails) is critical to us. We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities and fix them quickly (eg: cryptography vulnerabilities).

Our system is built around strong security practices and hosted in a neutral country - The Netherlands.

A beautiful, unified chatbox that looks great on your website.

Customize the chatbox color, change texts and adjust the chatbox position anchor.

  • Runs on all modern browsersCrisp runs on all modern browsers, which cover roughly 98% of the current usage market. Thus, it will run anywhere.Crisp runs well on Desktop computers, as well as Tablet and Mobile devices.
  • Desktop, Tablet and MobileThe Crisp chatbox adapts its view based on device context. On Desktop, it pops up as a chat bubble, while on mobile you can see it go full screen.Crisp runs well on all devices.
  • Chat session resumeA chat session may start on a visitor’s Desktop computer, and be continued on their Mobile device - even days after.Crisp shows chat resume buttons in all emails that are sent.

We like things when they are unlimited. Don’t you?

Don’t bother with limits on operators and messages. Crisp gives back your peace of mind.

  • No limits on messages

    There’s absolutely no limit on chat and email messages, send as many as you wish.

  • Add as many websites as you have

    Have 1 website? Have 100? No problem. Scale Crisp to as many websites as you run.

  • Teams of all sizes

    Invite all your teammates into your Crisp team. Everyone can collaborate in real-time.

  • Unlimited integrations

    All external integrations you can link to Crisp are unlimited. Just as Crisp apps are.

Try Crisp for free & unlimitedNo credit card required.

Developers love Crisp. Here's why.

The Crisp Platform provides a multi-layer API, which allows you to fine-grain your chatbox.

  • JavaScriptControl the chatbox from the browserOpen the chatbox when the user clicks on a custom button, send a message upon an event on your website, and more.$"chat:open");This opens the chatbox.Read JavaScript API docs
  • HTTP RESTControl Crisp from your backend codeAccess all the resources the Crisp apps use. Control Crisp from your backend code and do fancy stuff - API libraries are available.node-crisp-apigo-crisp-apiphp-crisp-apiRead HTTP REST API docs
Setup your unlimited websitechatboxtoday.

Crisp has plans, from free to paid, that scale with your needs.

If you need specific features, we provide plugins you can subscribe to at will, and cancel anytime.

Get the Crisp app for all your devices.

Make and receive calls, write emails and answer chat questions - all from the Crisp app.